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Multiple Integrated Income Streams
We'll get you set up fast and ready to earn cash, Bitcoin and other cryptos from 20 proven sources.
Built-In Perpetual Traffic Machine
Step-by-step system shows you exactly how to deliver an ongoing stream of quality prospects to your offers.
Downline Builder + Referrals Co-op
Leverage your downline building with our unique co-op approach so you finally get paid for your referrals.
100% Free! No OTOs. No Upgrades. No BS!
Your new business is totally self-funding. You only upgrade the money programs when you're in real profit.

Time To Cash In On Cryptos

And No, You're Not Too Late!

It's easy to think you might have missed the boat on Cryptos, but this is all just getting started. The mainstream is starting to pay attention and you don't want to delay any longer.

The Seriously Simple Crypto eBiz is a complete Crypto Business-in-a-Box to get you started in this hot new niche in the shortest possible time.

A Downline Builder That Works

Finally, you can get results for your efforts

Most downline builders fail miserably for one simple reason, but our unique Referrals Co-op and Perpetual Traffic Generator solves this problem.

We ensure your downline keeps growing and you actually get paid for your referrals. No more massive downlines that earn you nothing!

Step 1. Lay The Foundation

Complete two easy chores and then set up a couple of power tools to drive your perpetual traffic & lead machine.

Step 2. Set Up Your Network

We'll walk you through this quickly and easily. It's totally set-and-forget, and easily the best hour you'll spend on your business this year.

Step 3. Turn On The Traffic!

Our unique system will have prospects on your pages within minutes... and our Referral Co-op will leverage your efforts many times over.

  • I must say I wasn't expecting to find a program that has a solution for every problem that most of us have encountered along the way. SRSLY gives you step by step instructions that are easy to follow and get your business up in running in no time! Most of the programs that are linked together I was already using (except for a few) I was just not using them in a profitable way but thanks to SRSLY I am now. To anyone thinking about joining our team.....If you put in a little time to set this up it will start paying you while you sleep sooner rather than later! To Our Success

    . . .
    Amy B - Unlock Your Online Legacy
  • Thanks for an excellent system that has all the up to date income and advertising sites in one URL. The best part is that all the income streams have been tested to make sure they do as advertised with payments made. Thanks for the Magic,its working for me! and keep up the good work.

    . . .
  • This system gives you the foundation to drive traffic to any site you want! You help build a long term traffic and email generator for Life! I like the Traffic Scheduler that reminds you to send out your marketing emails! Thank you so much!

    . . .

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered below, please let us know using our contact form.

How exactly is your Downline Builder different?

Unfortunately most downline builders are just an after thought... an add-on to another member-site so the owner can cash in on their members and make some extra money. The only one who's downline really grows is the guy who set it up.

There's no real strategy to actually help you grow your own downline and no way to make money... it looks good on paper but if no one is growing and earning, no one upgrades, and no one gets paid. Sound familiar?

Our approach is to make sure you 1. get referrals and 2. they make money and upgrade... so 3. you get growth and income.

No cost? How does anyone make money then?

We don't charge for our services, because that puts the onus on us to make sure you make real income from the various programs we're recommending. You do upgrade in the various programs, but only when you're in profit and your network is totally self-funding.

If you don't make money, you don't upgrade, we make nothing. So it's up to us to make sure the programs we use actually work FOR EVERYONE and to provide you with a simple, actionable system that works. Which we've done by the way!

What's the catch with the Referrals Co-op?

No catch, all you have to do is complete the set up of your account. Just register and save your IDs for the recommended programs. They're all free to join, so there is no cost to do that, just takes a little time and effort.

After that, our traffic generation system is designed so your promotion efforts will benefit you immediately... and also generate traffic for the Co-op Account. All signs ups from that account are assigned randomly to Active Members.

So the magic here is, as we grow and get more active as a group, the Co-op account will automatically generate more traffic and signups, so more Co-op Referrals will be shared among the active users. It's a win-win for everyone.

What if I'm already a member of the Programs?

No problem at all. Our focus is on creating a complete, profitable system rather than simply generating a few random commissions.

So each of the programs included performs a very specific purpose, and as long as you're using all the programs, your 'machine' will function, you'll get results and be able to reinvest in upgrades... and your sponsor will be rewarded.

Remember we're looking at the big picture... not a few one-off payments here and there. So the included programs are selected based on their value to our system, not because we're looking for some quick return.