Who Else Is Sick Of All The B.S. Offers????

Unless this is your very first time surfing traffic websites or reading safelist emails, then I'm sure you've already seen enough B.S. offers to last you a lifetime?!

If any of that is sounding familiar, I want to share a couple of tips with you, to help you avoid these scammers and time-wasters in the future...

1. No One Makes Money Until Someone Else Spends It!

This is why 'free' rarely works. With very few exceptions, you won't ever make useful money online until you get someone else to spend some!

So when someone tells you a program is totally free and doesn't require any selling or referring, you need to ask yourself exactly how anyone is going to make money? Chances are there'll be a catch lurking in there somewhere!

2. A Good Offer + A Receptive Audience = Your Profits

Making money online is not rocket science... you just need an offer that converts and a way to get that offer in front of interested people. Show a good offer to enough suitable people and you'll get sign-ups or make some sales... and you make money.

So it's a two part process... offer + audience... and you need QUALITY on both counts. Choose a program that you are proud to promote and happy to invest in yourself. If you have doubts, so will everyone you show it to!

3. Free or Paid, Quality Traffic Is Hard To Find!

Don't assume paid traffic will automatically convert better. If an offer is a dud, sending paid traffic is not going to make it any better. Be prepared to invest some time and effort on free traffic to test your offer, and don't start paying for traffic until you know it converts.

Forget about 'cheap' or 'bulk' traffic, or anything that sounds at all too good to be true...

Guaranteed sales, blast to millions, proven buyer traffic... it all sounds good, but the reality is, if it's super-cheap it's probably a rip-off. Most will offer some sort of guarantee, but if your first paid campaign did nothing then a second... or more... aren't going to do any better...

An AVERAGE quality Solo will cost you about $0.35-$0.50 per click. Premium quality clicks can cost a dollar or two. So if someone is promising 2000 clicks for $20 you can do the math and predict the outcome!

Bottom line... stick with free until you can spend a little more and go for quality!

4. Anything Worthwhile Is Going To Take Time, Effort & Money!

If you really believe you can make life-changing income without doing anything, you might as well go buy a lottery ticket now. That's more likely to work for you than any program you might find online.

If you are serious about this, you should be prepared to invest time and effort in whatever program you decide on.

And if you don't have money to invest just, you better be prepared to invest a LOT more time and effort.

And you'll need to re-invest your initial profits...

Remember point #1... if no one is spending, no one is earning... so you'll ONLY make money when you find a program that you're prepared to invest in yourself.

Because if you won't invest in it, you can't honestly expect anyone else too!

For All That, There Are Some Great Programs Out There!

Now a lot of people won't want to hear all this... they want the magic bullet solution and won't want to hear me saying that it doesn't exist... though realistically they'll be long gone by now.

For those that are still here though, I do want to stress that there are some excellent programs available that will let you build something substantial and profitable... if you're prepared to make an investment of time and effort and yes, money too!

The good news is, it doesn't have to take a big investment... as long as you choose wisely and stick at it.

So What's The Best Way To Finally Get Started Right?

We'll there really isn't a one-size fits all answer here.

You best option is to find a business that genuinely interests you... beyond the simple money making aspect... so you can get passionate about it. Otherwise you're likely to lose interest and momentum long before you do the work to make it a reality.

The fact you are still here reading this info is a plus though.

That tells me you're sick of the B.S. and ready to invest some serious time and effort into something substantial?

If that's the case, the program below could be great starting point for you...

- It pays you to build a business framework you can eventually apply to any niche or interest you like.

- It's based in the highly profitable Crypto Niche, but you don't need any special knowledge or experience to participate.

- It is free to join and you can actually start earning BEFORE you need to spend anything. (Though things will go a lot faster if you can find $5-10 to kickstart things!)

- If you don't want to spend the cash upfront, you will have to do a little work instead, and be prepared to re-invest your early profits.

- It is quick to set up... 1-2 hours for most people... and we'll walk you through every step with easy-to-follow instructions, videos and checklists.

- It has a free traffic system built-in to the program, including free and paid referral co-ops, to make sure you get fast results and stay motivated!

And possibly best of all...

We will share with you our special Lockbox System for testing new programs!

This lets you test out any new programs that catch your attention, without getting sidetracked and losing focus. If a program tests well you can add it to your portfolio, or keep it as a back up... without wasting time and effort on the duds.

Anyway... there's obviously a whole lot more to this, but it's all revealed in bite-size pieces as you complete the simple 3-Step Set Up...

So Click the Button below for Instant Access and find out for yourself!

You've already invested some serious time and effort coming this far, so don't let that go to waste... put everything on hold for the next hour and you'll see just how powerful this system is!

See you on the inside!

Brad Stephens

P.S. Not so sure about Cryptos? Don't let that hold you back. This is a super low-tech option to earn cash and cryptos... no experience necessary... so you can cash-in on the next big crypto boom that's just around the corner!

P.P.S. It's no accident that this is a long boring letter without any bells or whistles... so the simple fact you read it all tells me you're looking for substance and that you're prepared to do the work.

Most people traffic surfing or reading emails are in such a zombie state they only react to flashy offers or noisy videos that wake them up and promise them the world...

So the fact you actually bothered to read all this really does separate you from the rest of the crowd who want it all handed to them ... but the real trick is to follow through on it NOW!